10 (Ethically Made) Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 People Will Actually LOVE

UnCommon Goods compensated me for this post, but trust, this review and all opinions expressed in it are 100% mine and genuine.

This may be a shocking opener for a Valentine-themed post, but…I’m not a huge fan of the holiday. Maybe it’s because I spent 99% of my V-days as a single lady (this will be my first one with a boo, and I don’t even know what to do with myself).  Maybe it’s because it’s a day with a questionable ancient history that was cleverly packaged to be a hallmark holiday. Although I’m not crazy about this holiday, I do appreciate two aspects of it: It’ss an annual reminder to show your loved ones (romantic and platonic alike) you care about them in cute, light-hearted ways, and 2) there’s lots and lots of pink. I’ll take any excuse to wear ALL the pink and excuse to get a little creative.

If you’re looking for creative gifts to express your love AND support emerging artisans and small businesses, I highly recommend checking out UnCommon Goods – a truly unique marketplace that is committed to incorporating integrity and sustainability into every decision and interaction they make. To make your search a little easier, I rounded up my top 10 picks that are affordable and unique gift choices that will make excellent gifts even AFTER Valentine’s Day (for all the anti-Valentines folk out there). Read on to see more goodness from UnCommon Goods.

1.Crimson Heart Umbrella – $32

I never expected to feature an umbrella on this list, but…MAJOR SWOON! Anyone who knows me knows I would cry upon receipt of this umbrella. Rain can be an enemy of mine when it reaches my hair, so I always look for attractive protection. And this has to be the cutest umbrella I’ve seen. I must note that this one of the few items on this list that isn’t handmade by indie artisans as it is designed in the UK and manufactured in China. My hope is that UnCommon made good on their product promises and the producers used a responsible factory.

Are you kidding me?! It’s box of chocolates…you can bathe with! No further elaboration necessary except to note this box of goodness is handcrafted by an artisan in Georgia.

Just in case you weren’t impressed by chocolate-infused bath soap, I present…cocoa butter infused bath soaks worthy of the goddess/exhausted mama in your life. According to one reviewer, it’s apparently also gentle on sensitive skin!


Weekly dinner dates are lovely, but let’s be real, they can start to feel a little…basic after a few months. This adorable kit can help you infuse a little creativity into your date night routine.

This adorable kit is made to order, so it likely won’t ship until after February 14th. But that’s OK.  You should save bookmark this to get as a cute anniversary gift idea for your boo and you to make together (and then thank me later).

Literally millions of people buy macarons for Valentine’s Day every year. But that’s so basic. Now snackable deceleration of love to the next level by making macarons from scratch!

Because *nothing* says I love you like a luscious candle that can lead to hours of REM sleep…

This item wins the ‘Most Creative and Actually REALLY Useful Award. If your loved one loves his or her guitar, this gift is no brainer.

Perhaps the most stylish option in this roundup, this delicate pair of hand-made earrings is a guaranteed hit for the fashionistas in your lives.

This option honestly has little to with Valentine’s Day, but it’s so darn cute I couldn’t NOT include it in this roundup. Besides, it can make an awesome birthday present or for the cheese lover and bibliophile in your life…aka me *wink wink nudge nudge*


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    Taylor Jones

    so cute! happy valentine’s day, Liz!

  • Avatar

    These gift idea are so sweet! The beautiful earings make me want to pierce my ears.

  • Avatar

    Loved reading this post. I am a huge fan of ethical gifts and supporting small businesses! That red heart shaped umbrella is my top fav! I also wouldn’t mind the truffle making kit!!! X

  • Avatar

    I totally feel the same way about Valentine’s day – my husband and I have just about never celebrated it. It’s such a strange “hallmarky” holiday. Still – these are awesome gift ideas and I wouldn’t say no if someone got me any of these! GReat post! I especially love the macaron making kit!

    • Elizabeth
      > Ali

      The macaron making kit is one of my faves too! You can’t go wrong with delicious, French cookies 🙂

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    ruthie ridley

    LOVE the guitar pick hearts!! Great post!!!

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    I love sweets.Thank you for the gift ideas