Cheap Gift Ideas From Etsy - Downtown Demure

12 Unique Gift Ideas Under $50 from Etsy

 Cheap Gift Ideas From Etsy - Downtown Demure

Ok, you got me: this post is a thinly veiled attempt to make good use of too much time spent browsing Etsy. I’m not even ashamed; I LOVE Etsy. It’s such a wonderful platform to discover new talent, find new gifts and get inspired with the unbounded creativity within the Etsy community. Every time I browse Etsy, I discover a new gem. Rather than keep all the goodness to myself, I figured I’d spread the love on Small Business Saturday by featuring 12 creative gift ideas from various Etsy shops. Financially sensible gifter, you can thank me later.

sugardime - xmas card set

1) For everyone: Handmade Holiday Greeting Cards ($14)

I met the owner of this shop while volunteering at a Bible camp, and I knew immediately she was special. It was no surprise then to find that her Etsy shop, Sugardimestudio,  is special too. These cards are good gifts for anyone on your list because everyone appreciates the value of handwritten cards in these highly digital days.


2) For the fashionista: Half Moon Brass and Leather Necklace ($48)

If you have a fashionista in your life who appreciates minimal pieces packed with a lot of charm, this necklace will be a winner. The Kertis shop is full of gorgeous mixed media necklaces and hand painted leather goods that are simple but unique. In my opinion, understated pieces have a greater impact than grand statement pieces. (And if you plan to get a gift for a certain modest fashion blogger *cough* *cough* this would make the perfect gift.)


3) For the bibliophile: Alice in Wonderland Typography Print($15)

Proud to say this print is from another amazing Etsy shop run by a friend of mine. April Starr is the mastermind behind this delightful shop featuring a variety of affordable prints, many of which were inspired by great literary works. Bonus: April is hosting a 60% off sale on all of her graphic art prints through Monday (coupon code: blackfriday). Double bonus: April is also an expert blogger. Check out her blog The Flourishing Abode for pro blogging and DIY tips.


4) For the coffee & Harry Potter lover: Hand Painted Harry Potter Mug ($30)

No explanation necessary for this awesome mug that masterfully combines two of my favorite things: coffee and Harry Potter (check out that Grim reference). What more can you ask for in a mug?! This is a whole lot of #yessss.

digital soaps - pokemon

5) For the gamer/Pokémon nerd: Soapemon Gameboy Cartridge Soap ($10)

Clearly there are a lot of closet Pokémon nerds lurking on Etsy (*raises hands*) because these soaps are wildly popular. How cool are these? They even come with Gameboy cases and soda-inspired scents! These soaps are so exciting, I might break out my lime green Gameboy as I wait for my order to arrive.

mustache comb

6) For the manly man: Personalized Mustache Comb ($21.99)

Nothing says, “I’m a dapper dude” quite like a well-groomed mustache, and nothing says, “ewwww.” quite like an unkempt mustache. Do the bearded men in your life a favor, and gift them this personalized mustache comb so they’ll never have an excuse to slack on the grooming.

journaljunky - personalized daily planner

7) For the unorganized: Personalized To-Do List Daily Planner ($7.99)

Despite my propensity for clutter and chaos, I’m obsessed with organizational tools like these adorable to-do list notecards and just about everything in the Journal Junky shop. These notecards would be great gifts for type A’s and hot messes alike.

pattonprints - bible verse journal

8) For the Bible student: Bible Verse Journal ($16)

This lovely hand-printed journal is perfect for jotting down notes in Bible study, and it references two of my favorite verses. I had a hard time picking an item to feature from the Patton Prints shop because all the printed items are so beautiful.


9) For the chef: 4 Dipped Wooden Cooking Spoons & Spatulas ($29.60)

Even the most talented chefs sometimes need a little motivation to grind away in the kitchen. These delightful cooking and serving spoons hand painted in fun, vibrant colors would be great motivation for any chef.


10) For the lil’ one: Knotted Baby Headband ($9)

I love this gift idea because it has that charming handmade feel and it is well made from premium jersey material (side note: This could be a really fun DIY idea). Want a woman-sized head headband for yourself? Holly’s shop has you covered (no pun intended), and the headbands for women are just as adorable and affordable as the headbands for the itty bitty ones.

mosstwig - test tube bud vase

11) For the unconventional decorator: Magnetic Test Tube Flower Vase ($26.00)

If you know someone with a unique design sensibility who is also a science nerd, this might be the perfect gift. If you seek gift options with a little more life, like a terrarium with pint-sized moss, wood and mushrooms, check out the other unbelievably cool offerings in Lisa’s specialty terrarium and plant work shop, Moss + Twig.

Bath Salts

12) For the hard worker: Inspirational Bath Salts with Scripture ($9.95)

These are not your ordinary bath salts. These are all natural aromatherapy salts designed to be “physical reminders of timeless biblical promises found in Psalm 55:22, Isaiah 40:31 and Mathew 11:28.” You can even customize these salts with your own message. Beautiful idea and philosophy, right?


Bonus: Newborn Superhero Costume ($26.00)

* cue the “awwws” * This isn’t the most practical gift in the world, but…isn’t it just precious?!? Too precious not to include in my list. My future baby (Lord willing) will definitely rock superhero costumes in many iPhone-powered photo shoots.

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