Tips for Finding Modest Maternity Clothing - Downtown Demure

8 Places to Find Modest & Affordable Maternity Clothing

Tips for Finding Modest Maternity Clothing - Downtown Demure

Finding modest clothing while pregnant. I haven’t experienced the struggle first hand, but I know it’s real. Finding shirts and dresses that don’t tightly hug every curve is hard enough when you don’t have a belly growing with a precious life inside of it while the rest of your body goes through a myriad of changes. (And don’t even get me started on finding pants that fit…) Newly pregnant mom who wants to dress modestly yet stylishly while pregnant, I get you, and I did a little research to aid your search. Assuming you’ve already frequented websites for big box and chain retails stores like Target, Gap and Kohl’s, here are few more sites that carry plenty of good options for modest maternity clothing you can actually afford.

  1. ModLi – So. Many. Beautiful. Dresses. Seriously, this is a great site to find maternity dresses for special events or formal occasions. Most of the dresses cost less than $100, but on average they aren’t eBay or Goodwill cheap.
  2. ThredUP – If eBay hunting isn’t for you or you don’t enjoy ruffling through racks of unsorted goods at consignment stores, give ThredUp a shot – it’s an (organized) online consignment superstore (with a ton of J. Crew, Gap, and Vince)! ThredUP has a robust maternity section, and I’ve heard positive reviews from several friends who purchased from the site.
  3. Nine Little Months – This is an adorable site that sells gently used maternity clothing, much like ThredUP. It seems the owner of this site truly runs it with love and puts great effort into producing a quality, hassle-free experience for her customers. The sizing section of her website is the most helpful thing I found in my research. *Bookmarked*
  4. Zulily – Zulily is a flash sale site that sells everything from maternity clothing to menswear. I haven’t personally purchased from Zulily (yet), but it also seems to have a robust maternity section with incredibly affordable prices (I’m talking less than $50 for most items).
  5. Mimu Maxi – Mimu Maxi is a fabulous brand started by two Orthodox Jewish sisters in Brooklyn. They specialize in making oversized. Typically I wouldn’t suggest oversized clothing for any women, particularly pregnant women. However, Mimu Maxi’s frocks are so minimalist chic, ANY woman would look great in them. They are also roomy enough for your growing bump.
  6. Etsy – Yes, you can even find modest maternity clothes on Etsy. You’ll have to do some digging, but it’s worth the search. A quick search for “modest maternity clothing” I found modest, made-to-order maternity swimsuits and the most adorable lace breastfeeding tops with bows for good measure. Awesome.
  7. Craigslist – You know what you an often find for super cheap at garage sales? Maternity clothes! So do a quick search for garage sales happening in your area using CL, or you can look up maternity for sale in the “clothes+acc” section. If you live in LA, I already did the dirt work for you HERE.
  8. eBay – When all else fails, eBay. I’ve heard it’s best to search for vintage maternity clothes because, ya know, maternity clothes weren’t made SO clingy and low-cut back in the day.

Which of these stores have you tried and love, or what stores do you think I’m missing from this list? Share em’ with me in the comments below!

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    This was a great post and I hope it helps somebody out there on their search for modest maternity clothes 🙂

    • Elizabeth
      > Elizabeth

      Thank you, my dear! (I also hope this post will be even more relevant for both of us in the future) 😉

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    It’s not that easy to find good maternity clothes, and I would say that it’s not easy to find comfy maternity clothes. I have been looking for clothes and I always tried them up before buying them, it has to be done as you would not want to be in a condition where you no longer can wear the new clothes you just bought. SO make sure to try the clothes on and then decide.