God is able to take the mess of our past and turn it into a message. He takes the trials and turns them into a testimony.

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Downtown Demure in Chefchaoen, Morocco

A Lil' About dD

Downtown Demure started in 2012 as a modest fashion blog written from the perspective of a party-girl-turned-devout-Christian out to prove that women can dress modestly and stylishly. 

Then in 2018, a Russian hacker hijacked my blog (true story!) and wiped out my Instagram, my most popular platform. Overnight I lost hundreds of posts and a community of over 25K like-minded women. I also lost my will to continue blogging. 

So I took an unplanned hiatus and reverted to the alcohol-induced spiritual wilderness I dwelled in before I got baptized in 2011.  

Thankfully, God and my loved ones did not give up on me. Now that I am joyfully sober, God has called me to return to this space with new content pillars: 

  • Intentional Living
  • Conscious Travel
  • Relaxed, Colorful Style

I can’t wait for you to join me in exploring this exciting new chapter of my little space!

With love and grace,


P.s. For more details about my spiritual journey, check out my testimony: This is NOT a Phase.

P.p.s. To learn more about my soy, crystal-infused intention candles, check out my shop.

The (new) mission for downtown demure

Just as my life and faith have evolved over the past few years, so must my blog. Rather than focus on modest fashion, the new Downtown Demure will focus on the following:

  • Intentional Living: Learning how to live a value-aligned life that is purposeful and not reactive or on auto-pilot.  I’ll share the practices, frameworks and guides that help me feel more centered and at peace every day.
    • I am SO passionate about this topic I even created a line of candles designed to encourage more intentional moments in your daily life. You can explore those beautiful creations here
  • Conscious Travel: Experiencing the diverse beauty of the world through travel brought me out of the dark place I was in during my addiction. Now I’m on a mission to become a more conscious traveler, exploring with intention and practicing compassion for the people and lands I visit. I’ll share everything I learn along the way in this space.
  • Colorful, Relaxed Style: Learning how to dress colorfully and authentically yet demurely. Though the focus on fashion will be secondary, I will still provide tips on how to dress stylishly and comfortably, especially while traveling. 

My goal–through radically candid shares and colorful visual storytelling–is to illustrate how intentional living and conscious travel can lead to fulfilling adventures that spark genuine joy and deepen connections with ourselves, Our Creator and His beautiful creations.

let’s adventure together…

Fun Facts About Me

1. I am joyfully sober and celebrating a whole year free from alcohol in 2023!

2. I had a delightfully strange pandemic wedding in 2020. Only 6 immediate family members could attend IRL. Everyone else watched via livestream.

3. I now live with my hubby and our FOUR animals (two cats and two dogs) in a humble condo in Los Angeles.

Downtown Demure - Wedding Pic

lets collaborate

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    Woah this web site is actually magnificent i love examining the articles you write. Maintain the best paintings! You understand, lots of individuals want around with this data, you are able to make them drastically. Woah this web site is actually magnificent i love examining the articles you write. Maintain the best paintings! You understand, lots of individuals want around with this data, you are able to make them drastically.

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    My name is Kinya. I am also a blogger. I plan to launch my webiste on Sept. 2nd, 2015. I will be writing about simular topics based upon faith and beauty. I know this may seem like an odd question, but if you dont mind me asking, what is your denomination?

    • Elizabeth
      > KINYA

      Hi Kinya! That isn’t an odd question at all. I don’t believe in denominations, so I simply call myself a Christian who was baptized into the body of Christ. That said, I typically attend Churches of Christ because of their adherence to biblical teaching. Your website sounds like it will be very exciting and a welcome resource for Christian women. I hope God blesses your endeavors and they are glorifying unto Him. Please share your site when it launches!

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    Jeamela Guilloteau

    Hi my name is Jeamela and I’m a rising junior in college. I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian meaning that I observe the Sabbath, but I started following your page to learn how to have fun with clothes while representing Christ!

    • Elizabeth
      > Jeamela Guilloteau

      Hi Jeamela! Welcome and thank you so much for checking out my page. It truly warms my heart to know you appreciate my blog. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or prayer requests! – Liz

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    I did a Google Search on Christian and beauty blogs and yours came on the first page. I’m inspired.

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    I love your website and your fashion! It’s modest, glorying to God, and yet really stylish. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m a new fellow Christian fashion blogger just trying to figure out how to have my blog glorify God!

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    Hi! My friend Nicati recommended your blog! I adore everything I have seen so far! I am black also, and I worship with at a church of Christ, and I love clothes (bargain hunting and thrift stores are my favorite!). I feel a connection to you sister! Thanks for striving to clothe yourself in a God glorifing way that is so encouraging to me! Perhaps we can encourage on another!

    • Elizabeth
      > Andrea

      Hi Andrea! I already consider you my buddy since you’re a fellow Christian and friend of the lovely Nicati (the shared interest in fashion and clothing bargains is a major bonus). 🙂 I’m so glad you reached out! I’d love to keep in touch! If you ever want to chat further, my email is downtowndemureblog@gmail.com

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    Girl, I just found you on Pinterest and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you’re doing with your blog! We have a lot in common and I’m SO happy I found you! Blessings! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

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    Hi, i came across your site when searching for other faith and fashion based blogs. i too have a fashion blog where i write about living a christian lifestyle without compromising my fashion. I’m excited that there are other sisters who are sending the same message. blessings in all of your endeavors, maybe we can collaborate.

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    Shannoh Online

    Love the way you describe

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    I am absolutely heartbroken with this site. It’s just what I’ve been looking for, but everything I click on says “page not found”!