Modest Brand Spotlight: Bouvardian + Maxi Dress Review

Shop Bouvardian Review on Downtown Demure - Modest Fashion Blog (2)

Shop Bouvardian Review on Downtown Demure - Modest Fashion Blog (5)

Shop Bouvardian Review on Downtown Demure - Modest Fashion Blog (7)

Shop Bouvardian Review on Downtown Demure - Modest Fashion Blog (8)

Dress: c/o Bouvardian (use code LIZ10 for 10% off your purchase) // Hat: Urban Outfitters

Sandals: Banana Republic ($24) // Bracelet: Fashion & Compassion // Rings: Forever 21

According to the weather, it is summer in the middle of February in Los Angeles, and I ain’t complaining! In fact, I’m celebrating by pulling out all of my maxis and white dresses with zero shame (I’ve never believed in antiquated fashion rules anyway). So this breezy, boho-chic number from one of my new favorite shops, Bouvardian, came just in time.

Shop Bouvardian Review on Downtown Demure - Modest Fashion Blog

About the Shop

Bouvardian is owned by an adorable gal named Jana who is a former fashion blogger and fellow believer (you should check out the cute story behind the name of her shop here). Y’all know I LOVE supporting Christian-owned businesses, particularly those that produce attractive modest clothing. So I was thrilled when Jana reached out to me and asked me to review this lovely embroidered maxi dress.


I honestly think this dress would have a more flattering fit on someone with a longer waist. I typically don’t wear empire waist dresses because I’m petite and favor dresses that accentuate my normal waist, but I simply couldn’t resist this gauzy number with the embroidered waist and lace inset. Still, I’m happy with the fit of this dress and will continue to wear it until the white fabric gets dingy. This dress is definitely ideal for my mommas-to-be, as the empire waist and forgiving fabric makes it an ideal maternity dress for warmer days. Oh, and the neckline is a deep V, so I obviously recommend wearing a white tank underneath.


This dress is made of a gauzy, poly-cotton mix that makes is well suited for spring and summer months because it’s lightweight. While the main fabric is lovely, I adore the embroidered neon-colored detail at the waist and the unexpected lace inset – the two design elements that elevate the look of the dress from a simple summer maxi to a unique dress that can easily be dressed up or down and worn to multiple occasions.


At $44.00 (without promotions and cost of shipping), I say this dress is a steal. It’s affordable and well-made — a rare combination (and that’s according to my mom, who is the harshest critic I know). To make matters even sweeter, Jana is offering my readers a special discount – use code LIZ10 for 10% off your entire purchase!

How to Wear It

The best benefit of maxi dresses? They are SO easy to style. No need to over think or over accessorize. You can pair this dress with a cute sunhat like I did, or you can even wear a floral headband to maximize the boho-chic appeal. You can also simply wear this dress by itself because it’s just that cute.

If you’re interested in more Bouvardian, check out some of  the other items I’m eyeing in Jana’s shop:

Shop Bouvardian Dress Review on Downtown Demure

Shop Bouvardian Dress Review on Downtown Demure (2)

Shop Bouvardian Dress Review on Downtown Demure (3)


So gals, what do you think? Are you feeling this white embroidered maxi?

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  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Williams

    You are SO cute! And I read the story behind the name, and that’s really neat!

    • Elizabeth
      > Elizabeth Williams

      Isn’t it? I’m not creative enough to make up a word and make it my shop name. Haha. Thank you for reading, dear!

  • Avatar

    I LOVE white dresses! This is gorgeous, making me really yearn for the warmer months!

    xx, Elise

    • Elizabeth
      > Elise

      Thanks, Elise! Warmer months are right around the corner, thankfully…

  • Avatar

    What a lovely dress! I also have a short waist, so I try and stay away from empire waistline pieces. But the detailing on this one is so pretty!

    • Elizabeth
      > Alecz

      Thanks, Alecz/my fellow short-waisted friend! 😉

  • Avatar
    Debbie Stinedurf

    I’m totally opposed to fashion rules too…so I’m all for white all year long. This dress is beautiful, the touch of bright embroidery and lace make it really special. You look gorgeous!

    • Elizabeth
      > Debbie Stinedurf

      Thanks, Debbie! Glad you’re a fan of the dress wand wearing white ALL year round as well.

  • Avatar
    Natasha Atkerson

    While you always look beautiful, you look absolutely stunning in this dress. The white dress really suits you. I am a bit jealous that you can wear short sleeves right now, but that’s another story for another time 😉
    A modest fashion blog:

    • Elizabeth
      > Natasha Atkerson

      Your sweet comment just made my day, Natasha. Thank you! 🙂 (And I’m happy to share the Cali sunshine with you should you ever want to visit!)

  • Avatar
    Amy Ann

    Gorgeous dress! And what a perfect wall you found for photos!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style