Modest Fashionista’s Dilemma: What to Wear in the Summer

Confession: For the past three weeks, I have slothfully refrained from leaving my house before 6pm unless it was to go to work, church or something I was required to attend. As a Cali girl, I’m used to heat, but I’m NOT used to the nasty sauna heat New York is currently experiencing. As I transition into this new, fully-clothed lifestyle, I’m faced with the daily summertime dilemma of figuring out ways to dress appropriately in oppressive 90 degree heat. Seriously, how does one cover up the lady bits (fashionably) without nearly dying of heat exhaustion or resorting to wearing jorts?!? I would love to know how Muslim women handle it.

I turned to the wonderful world of Pinterest for the below ideas (for more, check out my Pinterest):



2) Denim on denim

3) All White chic

4) Printed Pants 

5) Shirtdress

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