Kosher Casual Review by Downtown Demure

Modest Brand Spotlight: Kosher Casual + Review of the Kosher Casual Running Skirt

Kosher Casual Review by Downtown Demure

Today’s post is a fun one. I have a product review AND a feature of a modest fashion retailer you should get to know. Kosher Casual has been on my radar for a while now (I even included them in my post with tips to find modest workout clothes) since many of the modest fashion bloggers I follow rave about the quality of their modest tops and skirts.

Last month, I was contacted by Kosher Casual to review one of their items. My curiosity got the best of me, so I chose the running/sport skirt with shorts underneath. I’ll be honest, I had some serious doubts about the concept of a running skirt. I wasn’t sure if running in a skirt was realistic, and I worried it might look more conservative than I prefer. After testing the skirt for a few weeks, those concerns faded away, and I knew it was a winner. But rather than rant and rave about how much I love it, let me break down the details.

Kosher Casual Review  - Downtown Demure

Skirt: Kosher Casual l Jacket: Forever 21 ($19.80) l  Shoes: New Balance (similar on sale)


After reading customer reviews on the website, I knew to order the skirt one size down for the best fit. I ended up ordering the skirt in a XS, and I’m glad I did. The skirt fits well and it’s comfortable, like the made-for-sleeping kind of comfortable.

It sits right below my natural waist and hits right at knee level (as can be seen above). There are spandex shorts underneath that are just as comfortable as the skirt. I can usually feel spandex shorts suffocating my thighs, but (thankfully) not so with these. After wearing them for hours, I forgot there were spandex shorts underneath.

I checked out other reviews of this lovely skirt, and according to this review from Jennie at Evelyn Boutique, the skirt looks good in plus sizes as well!

There is one downside: The skirt isn’t made of compression material, so don’t expect extra firming support for your areas that jiggle.


According to the tag, this skirt is made of polyamide and nylon spandex. The polyamide fabric apparently offers maximum UV protection and is chlorine safe. You can toss this skirt in both the washer and dryer (on delicate settings), but I recommend washing on a hand wash setting and then line or hand-drying it.

Overall, the material is light, breathable (yay!), and quick-drying, even between the legs. The skirt is as well made as any item you’d get at a specialty sporting goods store. It even received two thumbs up from my seamstress mother who carefully inspected the seams and hem.

Kosher Casual Review - Downtown Demure


Here’s what really matters: You can comfortably run in this skirt. You don’t have to worry about unfortunate flashes of skin because of the shorts underneath, and the shorts won’t constrict your movement while running.

While I’m thrilled to have an alternative to loose sweats and capris for running, what I really love is the versatility of this skirt.

Here are the various activities you can do while wearing this skirt: walk, run, jump, hike, golf, play tennis, chase children, and chase dogs. Seriously, you can do almost anything physical in this skirt…even swim. Yes, you read that correctly. Due to the lightweight, quick-drying material, this can double as a swim skirt for leisurely swimming. Since it looks like a regular casual skirt, you can even wear it to run errands in public, and you won’t get side-eyed by people who haven’t bought into with the work-out-clothes-as-regular-clothes trend (*raises hand*). Bonus: it has a little pocket with a zipper in the back to hold your keys and cash.

Customer Service

As a customer service-oriented professional, I LOVE companies that add extra details to your order to enhance the customer experience. I was thrilled when Kosher Casual included a cute note with a piece of Israeli Bazooka Bubble in my package (the wrapper is in Hebrew!). I might eat it one day when I’m desperate for a snack, but for now it’s a keepsake.

Something to keep in mind: I received my skirt about two weeks after I ordered it, which I expected since Kosher Casual is based in Israel. The 1.5-2 week shipping period may be an issue if you’re in a rush to receive your running skirt.

Kosher Casual Review 2 - Downtown Demure


The price is $47, which I agree is expensive for a workout skirt. Yes, you can get a basic skirt from Target or Old Navy and throw on leggings underneath. But I guarantee you that ensemble won’t be as well made nor as comfortable as this skirt (and you can’t wear that get up to the pool). Given the broad functionality and quality of this skirt, I think it’s worth the price tag. If the price is a major deterrent, there is good news: Kosher Casual hosts a bi-monthly raffle for a $50 Kosher Casual gift certificate! The next drawing will happen March 31, 2015. You can enter here.

Ok, you’ve heard enough of my praise. What do you think of the running skirt concept, and would you try it?

If you’re curious about the other cute, modest clothes Kosher Casual has to offer or you want to get your own running skirt (they come in various colors like pink, purple and teal), just click the fancy ad below to go their website (full disclosure: affiliate link ahead).

Kosher Casual Long

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    You are SO beautiful. I love your blog and the mission behind it. AND, you can totally pull that pink off 😉

    • Elizabeth
      > terrence

      Awwww, you are too sweet, Terrence! Thank you. 🙂

  • Avatar

    You’re right, sounds like you can do a LOT in this skirt. Also, if your one of those girls who loves wearing skirts, but also loves doing things that aren’t quite modest in a skirt(i.e. riding a four-wheeler). I am one of those who wears only skirts(no, I’m not a member of a cult lol) so this would be a great option for me, IF I ever start working out and doing activities like this lol. The only thing I was wondering is, how long are the shorts underneath? Also, I would think the skirt and the shorts would cling together. I’ve worn leggings under skirts before and it can be aggravating! I guess you have to have the right fabrics?

    • Elizabeth
      > Elizabeth

      Good question! The skirt I chose has shorts that hit right above the knee, but Kosher Casual has another skirt with leggings that hit below the knee. I can’t speak to the skirt with leggings, but I didn’t experience any clinginess. I was shocked about that myself! They use some great fabric (I hope they have a patent on it’s anti-cling properties, haha). I think it’s great that you were skirts every day. If I wasn’t a lazy dresser who doesn’t like to layer, I would (jeans are just sooooo easy). I can confidently say I will never be as cool as you or the girls who wear skirts while riding four-wheelers!

      • Avatar
        > Elizabeth

        I’m cool? Why, thank you lol That’s funny you say that, because even though I love getting dressed up and love putting together cute outfits, I am not at all as classy-looking as you! You have more of a classy, professional style, which you pull off awesomely :).

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    Ah. Great find. My sister likes this type of thing…. running. Me…not do much. I’ll send her your link.

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    I see you’ve tried both the snoga and kosher casual skirt for outside activities. I was wondering which do you recommend??

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    lesline sims

    if you played tennis, is the shorts underneath right enough to hold balls? I’m a tennis player looking for a good modest skirt to play for my games.