Rocksbox Review on Downtown Demure

Rocksbox Review + Free Jewelry + Wednesday Pants Link Up Party

Rocksbox Review on Downtown Demure

If you frequent my blog, you may have noticed that most of the jewelry in my photo shoots comes from Rocksbox and wondered, “What’s up with that?!” That, my friends, is a fabulous jewelry rental service that I love and have been using for 3 months. It’s about time I reviewed the service and shared with you why I love it so. Read on for an honest review (this is not a sponsored post) of all the jewelry I’ve received from Rocksbox so far and learn how to get a month of jewelry delivery for FREE using code DOWNTOWNDEMUREXOXO. Oh, and don’t forget to join the Wednesday Pants link-up party at the end of the post!

How It Works

Rocksbox is a membership-based jewelry styling service that sends you three curated pieces of jewelry in each box. Membership costs $19/month. You can keep your set as long as you like – no strings attached. Just send the jewelry back when you’re over them and ready for a jewelry refresh. If you can’t bear to part with a certain item, you can keep it and pay a reduced “Insider’s Price”. The entire Rocksbox process is so simple and hassle free, and that’s a major reason why I appreciate this service (it actually feels like a service rather than an annoyance).

Rocksbox has a very simple process to get started as well. You take a few minutes to fill out a style profile that your assigned stylist uses as a guide for curating your jewelry sets (along with some top-secret algorithms, of course).

One point of differentiation that elevate Rocksbox over other subscription services: You add items to your “wishlist” directly from Instagram. You simply have to write #wishlist in the comments section of a photo of the jewelry you’re eyeing. How cool is that?

The Jewelry I’ve Received

Rocksbox Set #1

Rocksbox Set #1

Loved: Everything! My personal stylist, Maria, nailed the first box. I truly regret sending back the necklace. I was initially deterred by the price and determined that I could find a similar necklace for cheaper. Two months later, and I have yet to come across a similar geometric necklace that I’ve liked as much as this beauty.

Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox Set #2

Rocksbox #2

Loved: The Shimmer Bar Ring set (pictured below). It’s like getting two rings in one set, and it makes ring stacking and layering easier. I’m a ring stacking newbie, so I appreciate all the help I can get. I also loved the dainty and chic Sophie Harper star bracelet (I consider dainty jewelry staples for all wardrobes). I would’ve kept it, but I have a similar bracelet already.

Meh: The Perry street necklace. It’s a gorgeous necklace that just didn’t work with most of the clothing in my wardrobe.

Rocksbox Review from Downtown Demure - double ring set


Rocksbox Set #3

Rocksbox #3

Loved: Wanderlust + Co. Ziggy Gold Ring (pictured below). THIS ring. It’s cooler than I am. That’s why I’m SO sad I sent it back instead of keeping it as a treasured piece in my meager jewelry collection. Cue all the tears.

Liked: I liked that Sophie Harper bracelet (pictured below) as well, but at some point, it’s just redundant to have multiple dainty bracelets with similar shapes.

Double Meh: That Perry Street Taylor necklace. Just no. I had to tell Maria to not send me any more necklaces from that collection.

Rocksbox closeup

Rocksbox Set #4

Rocksbox #4

Loved + Purchased: The Sophie Harper Pave Ring Circle Set. As I mentioned above, I’m starting to get into ring stacking (it’s like playing ring Tetris on your hands!), and this is the perfect ring stacking starter set.

Liked: The Lauren Hope Sarra Cuff. That is a beautiful statement bracelet…with some serious claws. I wanted to love this bracelet, bit it’s physically painful to put on because the corners of it are sharp.

Meh: Don’t get me wrong, I love layered necklaces, but this one just looked weird on me, and, sadly, it kept breaking.

What I Love About Rocksbox

  • They send cute jewelry. Period. I loved at least one piece of jewelry from each set I received.
  • They send jewelry from well-known fashion jewelry brands, like Kendra Scott and House of Harlow.
  • NO buyer’s remorse. That’s one great benefit of Rocksbox’s try-it-before-you-buy-it model. I can constantly try on new jewelry without paying full price for each item (the items average $50-$75 a pop at retail price). It’s PERFECT for fashion bloggers.
  • It’s a fun experience! There’s something to be said for the experiential value of this service. And the experience is enhanced with the cute packaging and personalized cards inside each box.

What I Don’t Love About Rocksbox

  • Some of the jewelry tarnishes quickly. Let’s be real, you can’t expect perfect, brand-spankin’-new quality with each piece of jewelry you receive. There will likely be some signs of wear and tear, tarnishing included. This doesn’t bother me much because I know to lower my expectations for quality with fashion jewelry in general, and I know that I can return the jewelry when it starts showing signs of wear.

How to Sign Up for Your Free Month of Rocksbox

I know this service won’t be appealing to everyone. The thought of renting jewelry may seem strange and impractical to some and totally awesome to others. If you’re in the latter group, why not try it out for a month for free?

There really is nothing to lose since you can cancel after you receive your first box. When you sign up, I also get some shine bucks to put towards purchasing jewelry, so you would make TWO people very happy. 😀 Here’s how you can sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Get Started” link in bright red box at the top right-hand corner of the site.
  3. Fill out the brief style profile survey.
  4. Once you get to the “Billing Information” page, enter code DOWNTOWNDEMUREXOXO in the “promo code” section right before you activate your account.
  5. Enjoy your free jewelry!

So what do you think? Is Rocksbox an intriguing service to you or no?

And now for the link-up fun!

Linkup image

This week I’m excited to be co-hosting The Wednesday Pants Link-Up with Allison of Sydney Fashion Hunter. Allison created her blog to share her experiences of hunting down that perfect fashion item in the beautiful harbour city she calls home. She’s a globe-trotting, shoe loving, designer handbag toting Aussie who loves to cook up a storm with a wine glass in hand. On the blog she mixes high end and high street. In “The Wednesday Pants” series she has set herself a challenge to wear the same white pair of Calvin Klein pants every Wednesday for an entire year, styled differently of course! This week Allison is mixing a thrifty pink ballerina wrap with custom-made Prada pumps and a Chanel boy bag. Head on over to her blog and follow along. 
We’d both love to see your style this week so link up below following these simple rules:
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  • Avatar

    You got some great pieces! I love Rocks Box too! I am asking for that Lauren Hope cuff in my next box! Thanks for the link up! Susan

  • Avatar

    I love my Rocksbox sets but this last one definitely had a some tarnish on a necklace I wasn’t happy about. But I love your items.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

    • Elizabeth
      > Rachel

      Yea, tarnishing definitely happens and it’s no fun. I find it helps to store the jewelry well and to refrain from wearing perfume or coming in contact with water while wearing their pieces. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!

      • Avatar
        > Elizabeth

        I actually found this more entaiteinrng than James Joyce.

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  • Avatar

    I agree that that necklace from the first set was really pretty! I also loved that ring 🙂

    • Elizabeth
      > Elizabeth

      Thanks, girl! I’m still missing that necklace. 🙁

  • Avatar

    Great post! Now I’m wishing that I had gotten Rocksbox before my family and I leave for our trip to Washington D.C on Saturday! Kicking myself really hard at the moment…
    Quick and probably dumb question: Do I only pay when I choose to get a new box? It’s not like a subscription where I pay every month regardless of how long I want my current box, right?
    Adelyn 🙂

    • Elizabeth
      > Adelyn

      There are no dumb questions here! That’s a great question, actually. You do have to pay a monthly fee regardless of how many or how few boxes you receive. It’s similar to other subscription services in that regard. Hope that helps! Have a lovely time in D.C. with your fam!

  • Avatar
    Sue Anne Dunlevie

    Just signed up for this super service! And so reasonable.

    Excited to get my first box, Liz.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Elizabeth
      > Sue Anne Dunlevie

      Wonderful! Let me know how your first box turns out. I’m fairly confident you won’t regret signing up. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Sue!

  • Avatar
    Happiness at Mid Life

    You got some pretty pieces from Rocksbox. I am ending my subscription at the end of the month, it just makes me too nervous to be wearing something that is not mine. I would hate to lose it and still have to pay for it.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.