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Bloggers: I LOVE to make new friends in the blogosphere. If you’re a fellow fashion or faith-based blogger, I’d love to collaborate by swapping guest posts or working on a photo-shoot together (if you live in Los Angeles).

Brands: I LOVE working with shops and brands that offer modest and affordable goods for my readers. The goal is to create a beautiful showcase for your gorgeous creations and help get the word out about your brand. Want to partner with me? Please contact me for a full media kit. Curious about my work? Here are some of my features and social media shout-outs:






downtown demure feature downtown demure feature 2 downtown demure feature 3

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    Shaquan Brown


    My name is Shaquan Brown of Lifting The Gospel, LLC. Lifting the Gospel is a Ministry and Apparel Brand in Fitness and Lifestyle! As a part of the body of Christ; We strive to use our talents to produce great faith inspired designs which can encourage, motivate and uplift spirits when worn by others. Check out our website ➡️LiftingTheGospel.com⬅️ I would love to work with you.

    God Bless,
    Shaquan Brown