Modest Fashionista Dilemma: Finding Modest Skinny Jeans

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When I did my first Modesty Test post last year, I was shocked to learn that skinny jeans could be considered immodest. I will be the first to admit: I LOVE my skinny denim. These jeans can be so comfortable, versatile, and, of course, flattering (but yes, sometimes too flattering and too skinny). Call me stubborn, but I’m still an advocate for skinny jeans and believe they can be worn modestly; and I’ve crafted some tips for finding them based off personal trial and error. For the modest fashionistas out there who share my skinny jean appreciation, here some DOs and DON’Ts to aid in your search:

DO – Wear Long, Voluminous Tops



It’s all about balance. I like to wear oversized and roomy shirts that go around or past my bottom to draw attention away from the shape of my legs that skinny jeans can outline. A heads up: wearing a tight shirt with skinny jeans will most definitely accentuate the curves of your body — and exact shape of your body would be no mystery to any onlooker.

DO – Go One Size Up (and Belt It!)



This may seem like a fashion faux pas in the making, but trust me — it works. The great thing about this style of jean is that a little extra fabric typically will not result in a poor fit. The only issue with this trick is that the pants may be too big for your waist, so you’ll likely have to wear a belt with your pants to prevent the dreaded crack-attack.

DO – Buy Straight Leg Jeans Instead



As a stylish alternative to skinny jeans, consider straight leg jeans. Unlike skinny jeans, Straight leg jeans don’t taper off towards the ankle, yet they still create the appearance of a leaner, longer legs, especially when worn with heels.

DON’T – Buy Jeans That Are Extremely Tapered at the Ankle

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If you’re looking for skinny jeans with a modest fit, it’s probably a good rule of thumb to avoid any jeans with “superskinny,” “legging,” “ankle,” “twig,” “cigarette,” “toothpick” in the description — these words typically indicate the jean is designed to fit like a second skin.

DON’T – Buy Leather Skinny Jeans or Leggings


 I mean, the only way to make these modest would be to wear a muumuu over them. If you’re seeking that cool leather effect, buy waxed or leatherized denim instead.

I hope these tips are useful. At the end of the day, you have to use your best judgement and personal knowledge of your body shape to discern whether your skinny jeans are immodest or not. Based on personal experience, here are some styles and brands I can vouch for:

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  • Avatar

    Good tips, Liz!

    • Elizabeth
      > Cami

      Woah, Cami, you always comment so quickly! Thank you 🙂

  • Avatar

    I so agree and great post hun!

  • Avatar

    I loooove skinny jeans, but my parents won’t let me wear tight jeans! And absolutely HATE how the jeans they make me wear are 3 sizes too big, and theres tons and tooons of extra fabric. Especially near the thighs. it looks awkward and any outfit I wear just looks horrible because of the jeans. I love these tips though 🙂

  • Avatar
    April (Smelser) Starr

    Good tips! I aim for skinny, but not tight, jeans. Thanks for the tips!

    • Elizabeth
      > April (Smelser) Starr

      Thank you for reading, April! The search for skinny-but-not-tight jeans is a grueling one, but solid options definitely exist.

  • Avatar
    Erin Rebar

    I LOVE this post. I’ve been thinking about doing a similar one for a while 🙂

    I’ve always struggled with the skinny jean dilemma. They have a tendency to be immodest…but they are just so darn cute! For a while, I just avoided them all together, but recently I’ve decided to give it a go. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Usually, I wear skinny jeans with an oversized top, or something long enough to cover my bottom–like you mentioned. I’ve also found, that after wearing a pair for a few days–as is the case with most denim–they stretch and become just a tad baggier! I use this tendency to my advantage (as long as they haven’t gotten gross or smelly in the process of course!) 🙂