Three Casual Alternatives to a T-Shirt and Jeans


This is a guest post from my friend Jordana. Jordana is the girl boss behind  Jordana Paige, a lovely collection of pocket-centric handbags that are stylish and functional. (If you’re a knitter or a female with a need for an affordable + super cute bag with LOTS of pockets, you need to check out her site…like, right now.) She knows how to create a simple but chic look, and this post fits in perfectly with our exploration of ways to build a modest wardrobe and style basic clothing items.  Jordana graciously agreed to let me share her style tips here; I hope you  find them as useful as I did!

T-shirt and jeans, t-shirt and jeans, t-shirt and jeans.

Does this sound like your Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? Maybe even your entire week? Who has time for more effort than slipping each leg into a pant hole and pulling a shirt over her head?

You do.

Because whether that shirt is a tee, blouse or sweater it takes the same amount of time to put it on.

You may be surprised to learn, the effort you put in to getting dressed each morning can affect your mood, productivity and confidence.

Here’s three ways to add some style to your daily uniform while keeping it casual.


Ditch the cotton t-shirt, girl! There is a world full of beautiful fabrics and prints waiting for you. Upgrade to a crisper fabric, like the polyester tee shown here. It won’t wrinkle and can be thrown in the washing machine when your two-year old squirts mustard on it. Even many garments that state, “hand wash only” on their tags can be thrown in a machine. Have you tried the hand wash setting on your machine yet? Don’t let laundering hold you back from taking your style up a notch.



Nothing makes me feel quite as feminine as wearing a dress or skirt with heels. Pair your tee with a slightly dressier skirt and you’ll instantly get that bounce in your step. Wearing heels may not be practical for your day, but your shoe selection is important. Wearing flip flops, tennies or sandals is going to hold you back from hitting that more polished look. Instead try wedges or ballet flats.



“Hi, my name is Blouse and I’m magical. Have we met?” Blouses have the wonderful ability to make an outfit look more sophisticated. The blouse could be crisp and white with a sharp collar or made from a luxurious crepe that softly drapes around the body. Replace your tees with blouses and I guarantee you’ll be feeling more stylish. To style, tuck your blouse into your pants and accessorize with a thin belt. On cooler days pair with a cotton jacket or thin V-neck pullover sweater.



Collect all the blouses and non-cotton tees into a designated area in your closet. Add the skirts that style well with a tee. The next time you’re tempted to throw on your standard uniform, force yourself to select an outfit from this section of your closet. Accessorize with a necklace and a cute pair shoes. You’ll quickly have a new outfit you feel more stylish in.

What’s keeping you in your style rut and how are you going to push yourself out of it this week? Share with me in the comments.

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    Blaze Ann

    I love your style and posts regarding the Christian life. I’m so glad I found your blog. My favorite of the three is the skirt and tee. They unexpectedly match Can’t wait for your future posts!

    ❤ Blaze Ann

    • Elizabeth
      > Blaze Ann

      Hi Blaze Ann! Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you stumbled upon my little blog and are enjoying the posts. I agree, the skirt and tee combo is an unexpected match, but it works so well! Thank you for reading 🙂