Guest Post: Trusting the Father’s Timing

Guest Post from Mattanah of This Same Purpose - Trusting In The Father's Timing - Downtown Demure

Hello! My name is Mattanah DeWitt. It’s an honor to be a guest writer at Downtown Demure! I’m grateful that you’ve invested your time to read, and I hope the message is a source of encouragement to you. I’d like to start off by telling you a story. (You have probably heard it before; in fact, Jesus told it first).

There once was a young man whose father had promised him an inheritance. When he became of age, the young man demanded his inheritance, so his father gave him all that was promised. The young man took his inheritance, left home, and indulged in everything that he thought would make him happy. Eventually, his money ran out. He fell so low that he began tending to swine and eating their food. The young man finally realized what he had done. Humbly, he journeyed back home, intending to tell his father that he would live as a servant. When his father saw his son, he ran to embrace him, and not only did the father forgive his son, but he blessed him abundantly in spite of the mistakes he had made.

The Prodigal Son’s story had a happy ending. But the road included a lot of pain and hard lessons because he didn’t trust his father’s timing. He demanded to be given what was promised to him on his own terms. Just think of how much more the young man could have gained by waiting until his father was ready to give the inheritance! Think about the years he could have spent building trust and a deeper relationship with his father.

If we’re not careful, we’ll act this very way toward our Heavenly Father when it comes to our desire for a husband. We dream to be married, and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t make it any easier to wait when everyone and her sister is planning a wedding. We grow impatient with our current season of life and feel that we’re missing out – that we’re being left behind – that God is withholding a pleasure from us that He has given to nearly everyone else. We find a single verse in the Bible that says we can have what we want and pray that God will give it to us. Sometimes, we ask so much that he gives it to us, even though it’s not His perfect will. And sometimes, in his infinite mercy, He’ll answer “no,” even though we throw a grown-up fit when we don’t get our way (Oops, I’m guilty of that!).

It’s so easy to see what we don’t have, compare our present circumstances to the ideal, and be dissatisfied. That’s the road the Prodigal Son chose. But if we determine in our hearts to trust the intentions and purpose of the Father concerning our lives, we’ll not only live happily, but we’ll also stop comparing ourselves to people who have what we want. Instead,we’ll allow our lives to measure up to that of Christ.

God has an amazing purpose for your life. Before He brings someone else into it, God wants you to be an individual wrapped up in His love, focused on His plan, and armed with His strength so you can honestly say that He is all you need. No matter what’s happening around you, Jesus wants you to experience the power and peace of saying, “Not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42).

Prepare yourself for discomfort. So many times we try to stuff God into our boxes where we feel safe, but in doing so, we limit His work in us and His gifts for us. If you truly want to experience freedom, you have to give up “safe” and follow Him – trusting that where He leads you, He’ll never leave you. After all, everything He does concerning you is for your good (Romans 8:28)!

I believe that our words hold authority. The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Choosing to serve God unreservedly and give wholly of yourself to Him isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. He has given you promises and truth from His Word that will breathe hope and strength into you if you determine to make His words your own. I would like to challenge you to do something right now. Whoever you are and wherever you are, I pray that God would send His Spirit to YOU, that He would divinely embrace you with His love, and that as you complete this challenge, He would seal the truth in your heart and bring it to your mind continually from this moment on. Speak these words out loud and with confidence:

I am a miracle! When God created me, He proudly said, “She’s mine.” Like a beautifully wrapped gift, He sealed me with His love and is watching with anticipation as I discover all that He has placed within me. Treasures beyond anything I can comprehend are at my fingertips because through the sacrifice of Jesus, I am royalty. God wrote out a unique destiny especially for me and has given me all the tools needed to fulfill it. He provided an abundance of grace to carry me if I stumble, to strengthen me if I’m weak, and to remind me of His nearness if I feel alone. The Holy Spirit has birthed dreams in my heart that He will nurture and bring to fruition. God is preparing for me a man who honors Him and honors me. One day our paths will meet, and we will spend the rest of our lives glorifying our Father together. The King of kings is rooting for me and wants with all His heart to see me live abundantly, yet He’s not concerned about my performance – He desires my heart. God’s love for me is so great that He rejoices over me with singing. I have a reservation in the Father’s heart, and no one else can take my place before His throne.

Zephaniah 3:17 | Isaiah 43:1 | I Peter 2:9 |II Corinthians 12:9

Romans 8:31 | Ezekiel 36:26 | I John 4:10

This, sister, is your identity. This is the truth. So when temptations and distractions arise and threaten to discourage you, remember who you are and to whom you belong. Stand strong in your identity and in God’s purpose for your life, because He is FOR you and His thoughts concerning you are lovely.
Mattanah DeWitt BIO (1)Mattanah is a passionate gal with big dreams. Her heart is to live for Jesus and show His love to the world by utilizing the gifts He has given her and by putting to action the ambitions He has planted in her heart. Mattanah is the founder/author of This Same Purpose and has served in various leadership positions, including the title she received in 2014, Miss Tennessee National Teenager. Born a Midwesterner and raised a Southerner, Mattanah enjoys the best of both worlds (i.e. drinking TN sweet tea while eating IA corn-on-the-cob). She loves meeting new people, making things look pretty, the outdoors, and chocolate.


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    I’ve never thought about the story of the prodigal son that way before! I’ve always just thought of it as someone living in rebellion, but you’re right, it’s also about wanting what we want RIGHT NOW. I was just talking to my parents about this the other night. How I’m having a difficult time trusting God with something. Because I know what trust means. It doesn’t mean we trust God with something and then all of our wildest dreams come true. It means we have to die to what we want and embrace what God wants for us, which is always best in the end! But it’s hard waiting for those good things.

    • Elizabeth
      > Elizabeth

      Amen, Elizabeth! I’m in a similar period of having to trust God daily, and I too am learning that trust is hard because we can’t control or foresee the outcome. We do know that whatever the outcome, if it’s His will it will be glorifying unto Him and what’s best for us. That should be enough motivation.

      And yes, Mattanah eloquently shared a different perspective on the story of the Prodigal son, and I’m so grateful for her wisdom!

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    Very thoughtful and well written. Food for the mind!

  • Avatar
    Crystal Holdipp

    These are great words of encouragement! Thanks.

    • Elizabeth
      > Crystal Holdipp

      So glad to hear that! Thank you for stopping by, Crystal!

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    BEAUTIFULLY wriiten! Thank you for those words of encouragement! May God bless you.

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