Fearless Faithful Female - Q&A with Taneka of Heart and Lips on DowntownDemure.com

Fearless Faithful Female: Q&A with Taneka of Heart and Lips

Fearless Faithful Female - Q&A with Taneka of Heart and Lips on DowntownDemure.com{This post is a part of the Fearless Faithful Female series — a series dedicated to sharing the stories and missions of Christian female entrepreneurs.} 

This week I’m so happy to share my interview with Taneka, creator of Heart and Lips, a faith-based inspirational wall art company. Taneka first reached out to me a month ago and politely asked to send me one of her prints for free — no strings attached (my fellow bloggers know that it’s incredibly rare for someone representing a company to offer free goods without asking for promotion in return). While I was glad to receive the Beautiful print — which is unsurprisingly beautiful and pictured above — I was happier to be able to cultivate a relationship with a sincere Christ-follower and gracious business woman. Once you read her humble, poignant answers to my questions, you’ll likely want to befriend her too. Check out the full interview below.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and background.


I am a native of the Washington, DC area with a background in business management and technology. Though, ironically, I have always been a lover of all things paper related — stationery, books, writing, art, etc.

I have an insatiable curiosity for life and learning. This often comes out in the form of me taking classes in improv, glass-blowing, photography, sewing, rollerblading, cooking, and whatever else piques my interest.

2) What’s your vision for your company, and how has your faith played a role in shaping that vision?

I started last year with the goal of reading the Bible twice that year, which was pretty aggressive considering prior to that I never read it straight through. During the process, I re-discovered so many riches and beauty in the Word, that I wanted a tangible representation of that for my home.

From there, the idea for Heart & Lips was birthed with the mission to create visual reminders of God’s love and the power of Scripture that serves as inspirations for all. For example, prints like “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and “You are altogether beautiful” are messages that hopefully everyone can relate to.

3) How do you balance running a business with your spiritual/personal life?

For the last few years, even before I started this business, I tried to be intentional about setting healthy boundaries between work and my personal life. I am so glad that God helped me make that a priority in my life, because it’s even more of a challenge now. It’s so easy for me to roll out of bed and start planning my day or focusing on what tasks need to be conquered. However, although it sometimes feels counterproductive, I find if I give my “first fruits” of the day to God, I am able to begin with my spirit calm and aligned with His.

I find if I give my “first fruits” of the day to God, I can begin with my spirit calm and aligned with His. Click To Tweet

Having daily quiet time also helps me to remember that my value doesn’t come from what I do or how productive I am. Instead, my value comes from being a child of God. Out of knowing who I am in the Lord, everything else should flow.

4) Does your faith ever clash with your need to make money and grow your company?

Oh, yes! I’m naturally very driven towards being productive and accomplishing milestones. Sometimes in that, it’s easy for me to lose sight of the heart of this business and instead start measuring and gauging success by metrics such as sales and numbers. I have to remember that God measures success completely differently, and His Kingdom priorities sometimes feels counter to the world’s standards.

I don’t want to say or imply that money or growing my company is wrong. But I often have to check and ask God where is my heart in relation to money. Is my heart serving money or God; am I entrusting God with the growth of my company, and in His timing? I want to make sure my priorities are in correct alignment.

That’s why it’s so important for me to stay disciplined by spending quiet time with God and reading my Bible as the first thing I do in the morning. This helps me maintain a godly perspective, and remember the original intent behind Heart & Lips.


5) Did you have any doubts before starting a company? How did your faith help you overcome those doubts?

For me, doubts are an ongoing battle. It’s very challenging and takes courage to step out and create something new. But my faith helps sustain me and pushes me forward. For me, this is one of the reasons why it’s important to put God first in my life. My relationship and spiritual walk help strengthen me.

I love hearing from people who have been touched by my prints. It humbles me and gives me energy to push past the fears. It also helps remind me that I’m building something bigger than myself.

6) Do you have any general advice for creative female entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

I would advise to first give your entrepreneurial ideas to God in prayer. Ask for His help and wisdom in guiding your endeavors. Also, surround yourself with positive people who will encourage and love you, but will speak truth into your life when you need it.

While it takes courage and boldness, you have to be your authentic self. God has given each one of us a unique voice and perspective on life that no one else can replace. Often it’s easy to focus on our weaknesses, or look at what someone else is doing and try to duplicate it. Instead I believe it’s more important to focus on our unique strengths, talents, and passions – and using those gifts to share our vision in a way that no one else can.

This is advice I’m still learning to take and discover what that means for both myself and for Heart & Lips.

Hopefully this gives you a better snapshot of who I am and the reason behind Heart & Lips. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share a little about myself.

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    Oh to Be a Muse

    The stationery is lovely!

    • Elizabeth
      > Oh to Be a Muse

      I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by, my dear!

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    Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades

    Love what Taneka says about giving the first fruits of the day to God. That’s something I’ve been working on. Her work is beautiful and the words speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing this, Liz!

    • Elizabeth
      > Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades

      That’s something I’m working on as well. I find there is a noticeable difference in my ‘walk’ on days when I focus on God first as opposed to days when I get caught up in other priorities as soon as I wake up. Thanks for reading, Cynthia!