How to Dress Modestly with Over-the-Knee Boots

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I’m generally not a fan of investing in trends, but I’ m intrigued by the over-the-knee (OTK) boot trend. On several occassions I’ve seen a cute flat OTK boot on sale and been thiiis close to buying it, but hesitated because I wondered how can I actually work these into my daily wardrobe (without looking ridiculous)? I mean, they look great on other women, but can they work for me? Since I haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge, I enlisted some help from fellow fashion blogger, Tanya Wilkins, who has some helpful tips to share.

A beautiful pair of heels might give the height and confidence that we aim to achieve when putting together an outfit, but there’s a certain flair that comes with wearing a sleek pair of boots, almost making us feel powerful in a way. Although VisiHow says that not every style will work for every body type and size, so it’s important that you choose ones that flatter your shape rather than clash with your curves.

As the international retailer Lyst describes, there are plenty of boot styles to go around, from ankle to ones the end over-the-knees, with some more forgiving than others. Most people have come to believe that OTK boots are only suited for women with long, slim legs, but with the right clothes to match your footwear, boots of that length can virtually look good on anyone.

Another problem that women tend to have with thigh highs is that they can be too sexy. Despite the appearance, OTKs can easily be tailored to fit your classy sense of style, and there are several ways you pull off these shoes while still maintaining a modest fashion sense.

1) Wear matching pants

DulceCandy states that one of the easiest ways to look awesome in OTK boots whether you’re petite, curvy or leggy is by matching the colors of your shoes with your bottoms. Doing so will streamline your outfit, making the boots a natural addition to the ensemble.

2) Embrace the monochrome look

Taking cue from this picture of Kim K. on Your Next Shoes, pick out some monochrome separates to pair with your OTKs for a chic upgrade to the comfy airport outfit. To add some color to your outfit, carry around a brightly colored handbag.

3) Keep it casual

For a wearable casual look, you can downplay OTK boots by pairing it with oversized sweaters and long jackets, as suggested by Pop Sugar. Remember when you’re choosing between a simple dress or skirts, make sure you keep the boot-to-hem space to a minimum.

What do you think of this trend? How would you wear your over-the-knee boots?

author (1)About the author: As a Christian, Tanya Wilkins believes that there’s no reason to compromise your values for the sake of fashion, but that has never stopped her with wardrobe experimentation, editing trends according to her personal style. When she’s not writing a weekly fashion column for her local newspaper, you can catch her shopping at thrift store for vintage and unique

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