Shabby Apple x Downtown Demure (4)

Modest Brand Spotlight: Shabby Apple + Shabby Apple Holiday Dress Review

Downtown Demure - Shabby Apple Dress Review

Downtown Demure - Shabby Apple Dress Review

Shabby Apple x Downtown Demure (4)

Dress: c/o Shabby Apple / Shoes: DailyLook (similar – $21) / Bracelet: Banana Republic (similar)

Other Jewelry: Rocksbox (use code downtowndemurexoxo to get a month of jewelry for free)

Downtown Demure - Shabby Apple Dress Review

Downtown Demure - Shabby Apple Dress Review

Shabby Apple x Downtown Demure

Oh, Shabby Apple. How I adore thee and your stunning clothes.

If you’ve been following Downtown demure since last year, you’re already familiar with my love for Shabby. I listed them in my ultimate roundup of modest fashion retailers, and I even featured them in my first big giveaway.

Given my established appreciation for this brand, I was unsurprisingly elated when the marketing department reached out and offered to let me review one of their dresses. Excitement level: Hyper kid in a candy shop! After a lengthy deliberation, I chose this dress: the Nutcracker Dress in Blue. And boy, am I happy I did. I truly adore this dress. It’s one of those darling dresses you never want to take off (when you’re not in the middle of heat wave, that is…).

But this is a review, so I have to keep it real with you guys. Here’s an honest breakdown of what I love and don’t love about this dress.

What I love

  • The shape and fit I really like the retro-inspired fit-and-flare silhouette of this dress with the adorable bow details at the sleeves. It’s a timeless shape.  Shabby actually specializes in retro inspired dresses for the modern girl, and they nailed that aesthetic with this beauty. Another good detail is It has with subtle pleating in the waist area that lends to its demure femininity. Depending on your body shape (I’m looking at you, hourglass, athletic, and inverted triangle shapes) this dress will be incredibly flattering. I do have to caution that this dress might not be flattering on some body shapes, particularly those with apple-type shapes or short waists.
  • The fabric – Apparently I need more stretch taffeta in my life. I haven’t worn a taffeta dress since the age of 5 for fear of look like a human Christmas present. But I found this playful, shiny polyester fabric combined with the classy shape of this dress brought just the right mix of fun and glam. To be honest, I was very worried the polyester blend taffeta would look cheap, but it doesn’t. This dress is also surprisingly comfortable and wearable despite appearing frilly because the taffeta stretches and molds to your body.
  • Effortless Glamour – You’ll notice I wore very few accessories in this shoot. They aren’t necessary! Just throw on some dainty jewelry and black sandals or pumps, maybe curl your hair a bit, and you’re done. If you’re into effortless yet unmistakably feminine glamour like I am, you’ll love this dress and likely the brand.

What I Don’t love

  • Mismatched Bow Length – Sadly the bow lengths weren’t even, and you’ll notice that if you look closely in my photos. I’m anal about small details like this, so I fidgeted with the bows for a good 15 minutes before throwing my hands in the air. Clearly and do beeline the uneven lengths will go unnoticed by most people. slightly awkward if you look at the bows closely.
  • The Price – Oh, the heartbreaking price points of Shabby Apple. That’s literally the only factor preventing me from purchasing more dresses from Shabby Apple (maybe that’s for the best.. The dresses average $98.00 . The ticket price of this dress is $106. Since Shabby Apple specializes in simple elegance, I do think the dresses are a tad overpriced, which is why I’d suggest purchasing during a promotional period…like right now! Shabby is actually offering 15% off LBDs with code: NEWBLACK.
  • Limited Use – make no mistake about it — this is a special occasion dress that’s best worn during the fall and winter months (because of the shiny taffeta). Think: Winter weddings, winter formals, winter holiday parties, etc. This dress is so beautiful and elegant, it’s just not suitable for casual occasions.


If you’re looking for a beautiful holiday dress you can wear year after year to various functions, this is it. It’s a classic and you’ll likely feel beautiful in it. Just be ready to save up for this dress because it isn’t cheap. Thankfully, it doesn’t look or feel cheap either. If the bows were perfectly even like I expected, I would rate this beauty a solid 9/10. I also wasn’t to warn potential buyers that the color of this dress is more of a rich cobalt than a navy or royal blue, as pictured on the website. I’m actually surprised the blue looks so deep in the promotional photos.
Another reason I’m willing to support Shabby Apple is because of the brand’s consistent philanthropic efforts. Since inception, Shabby Apple has donated a portion of each sale to causes that empower women in less developed countries. They currently donate a portion of profits to the Maya Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping Mayan women find financial stability by giving them opportunities to work and provide for their families. The CEO of Shabby Apple seems genuinely focused in helping women all over the blog live well and feel beautiful — and I think that’s awesome.
If you’re not feeling this particular dress and you’re curious to see more Shabby, here are a few of my favorites:

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