A Stylish Layering Blouse Every Woman Can Appreciate // BodyBlouse Review



I normally cringe when I see modest layering blouses. I love the motivation behind them, but the tops often turn out to be uninspired basic cotton tees, overly styled, or far too thick be comfortable underneath another layer of clothing. I haven’t seen many layering tops that excited me…until Pam Thomas’ team reached out to me to introduce her BodyBlouse line. Read on to learn why I heart my Jill BodyBlouse.

Blouse: c/o BodyBlouse // Dress: Banana Republic // Shoes: Reed Krakoff // Purse: Zara


Stylish design: I’m a fan of subtle sophistication, so the sheer chiffon sleeves are a total win for me. This top is so stylish, I plan to wear it on its own as well as underneath several of the sleeveless dresses that are dormant in my closet.

Built-in body control: Yes, this blouse is more than a stylish layering option; it also helps tame the belly jiggle! If you’re not a fan of the restrictive fabric used for Spanx, you’ll appreciate the comfortable but forgiving poly-spandex used in this blouse.

Lightweight fabric: Additional benefits of the poly-spandex used for this top are that it’s lightweight and breathable. I shot the above looks on 75-degree day and didn’t feel restricted or overheated despite wearing multiple layers.

The blouses are designed, so they have a style all their own (no basic cotton half tees here). Consequently, they can transform the look of any sleeveless garment. Essentially you get three benefits in one: modest yet comfortable coverage, elevated style, and a little body shaping.


The Price: The (amazing) features of each BodyBlouse come at price to the tune of $125-$145. For that reasons, this top will be a steep investment for most.


Overall, I love my Jill top. I can’t wait to reimagine dresses that have been hanging and dormant for years. My only regret is that I didn’t choose to receive and style this darling Dottie blouse:

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    jodie filogomo

    What a great idea to layer a sheer blouse like this!!
    I love the idea and it looks great!

    • Elizabeth
      > jodie filogomo

      Thank you so much, sweet Jodie! The BodyBlouse truly does all of the work for me. 😉

  • Avatar
    Stacie Hamilton

    That’s so clever! You’ve given me some ideas on how to wear a few things in my wardrobe as well.

  • Avatar

    It’s definitely pricey, but I can see it being a really nice option for formal wear! And can we talk about your dress?! That’s beautiful.