20 Tips to Dress Modestly and Stylishly this Summer from 12 Modest Fashion Bloggers

At long last, the summer is here along with all of its glorious heat. Well, I say it’s glorious but any woman who has experienced the struggle to dress both cute and modestly in sweltering temperatures and overwhelming humidity may vehemently disagree. As much I love summer, I know that struggle is all too real. So I’ve teamed up with a few of my modest fashion blogger friends to share 20 life-changing tips for dressing modestly and stylishly this summer. Read on for the goodness!


Invest in a chambray button down (or two). This versatile, lightweight shirt will be your summer wardrobe savior. Chambray is a breathable, lightweight fabric that will keep your skin cool and your outfit looking summer ready! The best part: There are endless ways you can style. You can knot it in the front and wear it with a flowy skirt like I did above (it’s a fun way to extend the wear of your holiday skirts), you can drape it over a cotton dress, or you can tuck it into your favorite white jeans and go!

Tip #1: “Go easy on the layers. If you’re like me, you love your scarves, jackets and sweaters. But when those hot temps are ruthless, it’s time to keep it simple. Add color and texture with your shoes, jewelry and hair accessories and if you’re questioning whether to add that last piece of clothing you know will perfect your outfit, don’t. Nowadays there are so many modest shops, and summer months are a good time to invest in pieces/outfits that don’t require added clothing for modesty.”

Tip #2: “A lot of times we think about what clothes we wear when it comes to staying cool. However, your lotion can affect your body temperature as well. I’ve found if I slather on a heavy body cream or body oil, this seems to add a layer and makes me (ahem please excuse this unladylike term) sweat! Find a lightweight breathable lotion to moisturize during the hot months.”


Tip 1: “I try to keep my hair in a high messy bun that way it looks managed. What’s awesome about it is that I have long hair and it’s out of my neck. There’s nothing worse than long hair on a hot summer’s day.”

Tip 2: “Because I don’t wear sleeveless, I try to wear cute bolero jackets over a sleeveless dress instead of layering a t-shirt under it.”

“I love to stay cool for the summer by wearing bermuda shorts and T-shirt dresses. Bermuda shorts are the perfect length and T-shirt dresses are casual and lightweight for an everyday look.”



“I imagine hell to be like a Louisiana summer day with 100% humidity, and I’m not joking. I loathe summer. If there’s one thing that can lift my spirits, it’s a great fashion hack like this one. Introducing… *drumroll, please*… the Halftee. Literally half of a tee. It’s completely genius.”

“So, you know how you’ve got that super cute sleeveless dress that you bought knowing (hoping) you could somehow make it work? Now.You.Can. It’s like a layering tee, without the bulk and extra material. So, it’s a cropped layering tee.”

“Say goodbye to bulky midsections, heavyweight materials, and all the extra heat in the summer. Get yourself a halite and rock this summer!”


“My tips for staying cute, cool, and modest in the crazy summer heat are:

  1. [Wear] a cute graphic t-shirt
  2. [Wear] a lightweight, breezy midi skirt

Pair them together and you’ll be able to withstand the summer heat while looking cute and modest without all of the heavy layers.”


Tip #1: Choose the right fabrics for the season.

“You will feel great if you stick to wearing breathable fabrics in the summertime. Try opting for fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Experts suggest linen, chiffon, and cotton as the fabrics that should be most worn in hot weather. Thick materials like rayon, polyester, and wool block air, causing you to sweat profusely.”

Tip #2. Looser clothing is cooler.

“Try choosing light weight clothing. It’s amazing that apparel out there today is looser, longer, and more modest than it has been in years. Not only does this clothing allow you to breathe, they look great, feel comfortable and are quite trendy.”

“I chose to wear a floral chiffon maxi dress. This dress is breathable and loose fitting. For modesty purposes, all I had to do was put a shirt sleeve top underneath, but you can also put on a light cardigan.”


Tip #1: “Flowy skirts and dresses are a MUST for me during summer; and if they are fully lined even better because it means less bulk (layers that might make you sweaty…definitely not something you want).”

Tip #2: “Having long hair can also get pretty hot, especially when the temperature hits the 100’s, and keeping my hair up for too long starts to give me a headache if it’s too tight. I recommend investing in a pair of Goody brand Spin Pins. They are life savers if you want to keep your hair in a bun with the least stress on your head.”


“Keep the hair up. I have very fine hair, but I have a lot of it. Lots of fine hair means that my hair is deceptively thick and heavy. When I want to beat the summer heat, I keep my hair off my neck. Often, I go for the messy bun, which is a quick way for me to pile up my hair, or a fishtail side braid. I usually accessorize my up do’s with a head wrap coordinated to my outfit.”


“Rock fun ponytails and wear flowy, layerable dresses and skirts. After discovering half tees layering has become a breeze, and now summer dresses don’t have to look bulky with full t-shirts or camis under them!”


“Wear clothing that is not see through and is already modest in length at the arms, knees, neck, etc, so you don’t need to layer, thus having to wear more clothing.”

“A short-sleeve, knee-length dress is my favorite summer look. You can take a plain dress, add a skinny belt, cute wedges, and big sunglasses and you’ll instantly look stylish! I also like to wear maxi dresses in the summer. Grab a pair of flats, put your hair in a messy bun, or add a big floppy hat, and you’re good to go! Dresses are my favorite thing to wear all year round, but especially in the summer when you want to limit the number of layers you wear.”


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    Miss Lynsie

    Absolutely love it!! You did a fantastic job putting this all together!! Thank you!!

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    Taylor Jones

    Such a fun post! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! 🙂

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    Elizabeth Williams

    I know and love many of these ladies! Yes, good tips! It gets SO hot in Georgia, but thankfully I’m not an outdoors-y person, and I’m also cold-natured, so that helps! But there’s definitely never a reason to shuck modesty 😉

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    This is AMAZING!!! You’re awesome Liz! Thank you!

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    love love!! this is soo inspiring!


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    Love this post Liz! You did great. So glad to be a part!

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    These women all give great tips for looking classy and confident this summer! Your clothes have a direct effect on how you perceive yourself and your self esteem, so it’s really important to find clothes that fit you well and that you feel comfortable wearing! Nicely done! Thanks so much for this awesome post!

    • Elizabeth
      > Morgan

      Couldn’t agree more with your comment, Morgan! Thanks for the love!

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    Wow! how lovely these ideas are! I’m definitely going to apply it on some of the dresses I’m going to design for my clients. Lets see how they react on it, I’m sure they are going to love it.

    Thanks for such ultimate share! Keep sharing!!

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    Jane Arnold

    This is a perfect blend of all the dresses that can be worn in scorching summer heat. Thanks for posting. I will definitely consider buying one of these dresses.
    Keep posting buddy..!!!!

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    Wow, love this post! Definitely some great looks, long maxi skirts and dresses are always a must during summer. Thanks for sharing!

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    You share some awesome outfit ideas, great tips for upcoming summer. I just love the pink dress, the third from below.

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    Awesome post! There’s certainly so many great looks here, dressing for summer is always so fun. Thanks for sharing!

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    kelly scott

    Modest fashion is being misinterpreted as a majority view it as a religious trend, when it is merely a style trend that can be embraced by anyone who prefers to keep parts of their body covered and less reviling. Ladies your all ready for this summer.

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