My 30-Second Trick for Saving Money on Black Friday (No Lines or Fighting Required)


This post was sponsored by Shoptagr, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own and genuine.

Black Friday used to be a special tradition in my family. After a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner, mom would wake me and my brother up at 4am (literally the only time I’d be down for that) so we could brave the sales together and triumphantly return with all our Christmas shopping complete. As Black Friday mobs became more violent, online shopping became more popular, and Black Friday store hours started uncomfortably creeping into Thanksgiving Day, our early AM Black Friday adventures dwindled to a near stop. Still, I do most of my Christmas shopping during Black Friday when most stores have their best sales. Only now I intend to skip the mobs and shop smarter, not harder, from the comfort of my bedroom.

If you’re planning to do a little Black Friday or holiday shopping this season, I have two tips for you to skip the lines /nonsense and save money: 1) Create a shopping list of items you actually need to purchase. As I mentioned in my last money-saving post, having a shopping list will prevent you from getting lost in all the “deals” and purchasing items you don’t need. 2) Save each item on your list using Shoptagr, which will automatically notify you when prices drop for the items you’re watching. If you’ve never heard of Shoptagr, you’re in for a treat, my friend, as this free (as in $free.99) web app is hands-down the easiest and bet tool I’ve found to track online sales and deals for specific items. Read on for more deets and a step-by-step Shoptagr tutorial.

About a month ago, a Shoptagr team member asked me to try the service with no strings attached. I skeptically agreed as I’ve tried price-watching tools in the past, and I rarely stick with them. One month later, I’m still using (and loving!) Shoptagr different because it takes 30-seconds to use and actually sends helpful notifications …for items I actually want. Oh, did I mention this service is 100% free?! If you’re curious to learn more about this incredible tool, here is a quick tutorial.

Step 1: Download Shoptagr


First you’ll need to download the Shoptagr browser app. Go to, click the “Get the Button” link featured on the top right-hand corner of the site, and then click on the green “+TAG” button to connect Shoptagr to your browser (if you use Chrome, search for “Shoptagr” in the Chrome Web store) Downloading Shoptagr is easy and free. You can also download the Shoptagr app on your mobile phone.

Once your download is complete, you should see a black button with an S in your browser bar that looks like this:


Step 2: Start Tracking Items on Your Shopping List By Clicking the Shoptagr Button

I’m in the market for a pleated midi skirt, so we’ll use that as an example. I go to the product detail page and click the black Shoptagr icon. After clicking that button, I get a popup that looks like this:


Once you fill out each prompt in the pop-up window, click “Save It!” and you’ve just successfully set up your first item for tracking!

The only catch with Shoptagr is that it’s not functional on all online stores. If shop at retailers like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Asos or GAP, you’re in luck! Shoptagr supports those stores and many, many more. You can find the full list of supported retailers HERE.

Optional Step 3: Create a Separate Collection For Your Christmas Gift List


In the last drop down menu on the Shoptagr pop-up, you’ll have the option to create a new list or add each item to an existing list. I’m a list fanatic, so I highly recommend creating separate lists for gifts, window shopping, etc.

Once you save more items, you will have a clean, Pinterest-style homepage that looks like this:


When an item you’re watching goes on sale, is almost sold out, or is re-stocked, Shoptagr will automatically notify you via notifications on the browser button. You can also set up your account to get email notifications or download the Shoptagr mobile app to receive alerts on your phone.

Bonus pro tip: Sign up for Shoptagr’s newsletter to receive exhaustive lists of online sales and promo codes via email.

Shoptagr is truly easy as 1,2,3, which is I’m raving about it to anyone seeking a free money-saving service.

Try Shoptagr for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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    Kathrine Eldridge

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing app! I need to check it out asap. Perfect post for this holiday season!

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    Such a great trick! I have to try this!


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    what a lovely trick!
    thank you so much for sharing!
    i used to enjoy black friday much more in the past than i do now…
    the chaos is a but much,
    and now most stores seem to begin there sales so early! 🙂
    anyway, i hope you have a blessed week! always so refreshing to see your posts! <3

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    Any chance you got my email about us sharing some of your outfits in a magazine? Credits will be included. Thanks – Cynthia

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    Lori J. Johnson

    Wow, amazing. Big thanks or sharing it here. Now, I can shop online this Holiday Season without any hassle or difficulty because I will track all of my favorite online stores. Surely, my Christmas will be merrier this year. Happy Holidays to you!

    xoxo, Lori